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Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Adela Falk. I was born at Stanford University Hospital in Palo Alto, California on March 7, 1977. I am a federally recognized Native American from the Cherokee Tribe of Talequah Oklahoma. After a short marriage my parents got divorced. I moved to Hawaii with my brother and mother Cindy. This is where I really learned the value of sacrifice and hard work at a young age. Watching my mom work, go to school, raise my brother and me, make time for church, all while being a single mother just to be able to support us and get into the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. I watched my mother become one of the first women to be part of the IBEW and become one of the first women lineman in Hawaii.

“I still remember the first time I realized what my mom did for a living was the day I saw her in a commercial on top of a telephone pole, at that moment I knew what the value of hard work and what being persistent meant.” 

At age 12, I moved to San Diego, California to live with my Father. While in San Diego I was exposed to my extended family. I have a very large family. My parents are both 1 of 9 siblings. I have 3 half brothers and 3 step brothers. I am a proud Auntie to 13 nieces and nephews.

I come from a military family. I am a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment. My grandfather, in spite of only a 3rd grade education, was a WWII decorated Veteran who fought in Normandy on D-day and was awarded a Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars, a Combat Medical Badge, and a Purple Heart. My father and Uncle were in the Army and my sister-in-law is also an Army Veteran. I am extremely proud of my family's military service.

I graduated from Grossmont Community College in 2007 with my Associates in Science Degree for Business Administration, and then transferred to San Diego State University to study finance.  During my senior year, tragedy struck. I was in a serious bicycle accident that left me critically injured and unable to walk. Unable to return to work or school, I turned to becoming an advocate for others. My accident caused me serious pain, and I hated being on so many pain pills. This started me on the road to activism, and I work tirelessly for  myself and others to be able to use alternative medicines.

I continued to work in the political arena. I have testified at County Board of Supervisors Meetings, City Council Meetings, Town Councils, and the Coastal Commission on issues ranging from a local Skate Park, the importance of Lifeguards, and safe access. I was elected and sat on Linda Vista Town Council. I was an Adviser for San Diego City Council Medical Marijuana Task Force. I sat on Mayor Bob Filner's Medical Marijuana Board. I even had the privilege of attending and speaking at the United Nations UNGASS in New York regarding judicial reform.

Feeling blessed after my recovery I moved to American Samoa where I spent a year teaching. I taught High School mathematics focusing on Algebra 1 & 2; as well as educating Junior High students about the importance of Art- focusing on Art History, Art Appreciation, and Ceramics.

In 2014, while on my way to visit my Grandfather in Williamsburg, Missouri, he passed away. After my loss, I purchased his property and fell in love with the community and found my home in Callaway County. The values of the community resonate with my own.

Residing on 6 acres with a 5 acre lake I work hard on my home. I have spent the last four years homesteading and being self-sufficient. I am a farmer of many: I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits. I also grow and can all my own vegetables and fruits.

Since moving to Missouri I have continued my activism. I worked tirelessly for the release of Jeff Mizanskey, and I testified on behalf at the capitol on HB 978 which successfully passed. I am still working on the the case of David and Natalie DePriest and the dismissal of their case. I partake in lobby day.  I'm very eager and excited to to work for the people of Missouri and to continue to advocate for the rights of others, especially for those without a voice.

Thank you for your support and VOTE.

Adela Falk for State Representative - District 43 - 2020

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Adela Falk
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