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According to Ameren, Callaway produces about 19 percent of Ameren Missouri's power. In 2001, Callaway set a plant record for capacity utilization, producing 101.1 percent of its rated electrical output, ranking it among the world's top reactors, according to the Energy Information AdministrationThe plant produces 1,279 electrical megawatts (MWe) of net power, and has run continuously for over 500 days between refuelings. Callaway is one of 26 nuclear power plants in the United States to achieve a continuous run of over 500 days.

It is vital for the 43rd District energy infrastructure to be updated with newest technologies, to keep older power plants online, and ensure our energy future.  I am committed to ensuring our energy infrastructure is updated in a timely and fiscally responsible way.  In addition, I would like to explore how we can encourage investment in Ameren’s Callaway Energy Center, which will bring an abundance of jobs to the area and expand energy in both a timely and cost efficient manner.

Known as the Bio-Fuel Capital of Missouri, Audrain county has become a leader in this rapidly growing industry. * I'd like to keep it that way..guess what else can be made into bio-fuel? Industrial Hemp...Exactly why I am for allowing Missouri Farmers to cultivate Industrial Hemp again. 

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